Counseling, Therapy, and Counselor Reviews from Oakland

I'm thankful for the counseling, guidance, and coaching I received at Trinity Christian Counseling Center.  My counselor was very patient and ultimately very effetive.  I noted and appreciated the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit during each individual session.  If you are in need of genuine and effective Christian-based counsel, I recommend them to you. 

Amanda G
September, 2015

I have seen a few counselors throughout the years, but never have I received the level of Spirit-led care that I did at Trinity. I feel so blessed to have had Ivan walk with me through some tough issues. To God be the glory!

May, 2015

I am grateful for Trinity Counseling and John Bankas.  Thank you for keeping reasonable rate, :).  You all are doing God's work in Jesus' name for the love of all.  God bless you. 

Cindy KJ
November, 2014

As a child I experienced a lot of things that should never occur to anyone. I never dealt with the pain, shame or guilt I experienced. When I met Valerie, I began to explore those thoughts. She made me realize that expressing my feelings was nothing to be ashamed of. She helped me see that as a child I was helpless. But how, as an adult, I can stick up for myself and have a say in what occurs. She helped me realize what a healthy relationship is and that I should never settle for anything less. Thank you so much! You have truly made a change/impact in my life. And I thank God for allowing me to have met you!

Mitzi N
August, 2014

The Lord brought me to Trinity Counseling and more specifically to Ivan.  Each session was amazing.  I learned how to use prayer to ask GOD for guidance, and during each session God provided that guidance.  Ivan was simply a conduit or guide, while the Holy Spirit led me to the areas where I needed to heal.  Ivan asked me questions which nudged me in the right direction.  He did not offer a lot of explanation that came from a psychological perspective, which was surprising because that was dramatically different from the kind of therapy I had in the past.  I found it to be comforting that we prayed in every session, as many times as was needed, and we allowed the Holy Spirit to work.  I actually experienced supernatural healing from GOD, and I now know how to access that healing, guidance, or whatever I need, directly from GOD.  My personal relationship with GOD is deeper, and continues to grow.  I am grateful for the work that Ivan does, and I pray he continues to help people. He's pretty darn good at it. 

Annette C
May, 2014

I thank God for allowing your compassion toward my needs. My counselor provided empathy and patience in every session.  I give God all the glory for the growth within me and thank Trinity for helping me with the execution of my personal goals. Thank you, thank you.

Heather A
August, 2013

Before I went to counseling I struggled with my relationship with God because I felt like I couldn't hear His voice of direction.  Well, my counselor always made me take a deep breath and sit in silence to hear God.  After a whole month of listening for God's voice, I realized that I really can hear from God.  This made my life worth living because now I know God really hears me and is directing me.  Thank you so much Ivan Lei!

July, 2013

Through my counseling I was able to understand that God validates me, not the ministry I serve on or the church work I perform.  I looked for acceptance from people and now I understand that God's acceptance allows for man's acceptance.

Marc R
March, 2013

I came to Trinity because the Lord revealed that I had been sexually abused as a child.  I didn't know what to do with this information and sank into despair, depression and hopelessness -- a familiar pattern in my life.  Going into counseling was God's gift to me.  He unlocked many doors of loneliness, pain, and isolation and helped release the burdens that these familiar spirits had over my life.  I began a journey with Him that held great promise.  With expectation, I looked forward to my time -- "my date" with Jesus, every other week.
The special professional care that I received in the hands of Lindsay Malcolm was beautiful and exactly what I needed.  She helped me work with Jesus and guided our sessions, expertly helping me navigate this uncharted territory of my soul; and helped me find peace in His presence.  I am so grateful to Lindsay and Trinity Counseling Center.  I feel a huge amount of relief in my personal relationships, and I have found abundant grace to walk in forgiveness.
Thank you!

January, 2013

My fiancee and I grew closer to each other and closer to God as a result of our weekly sessions at Trinity.  Our counselor read scripture that kept our sessions rooted in the Bible

September, 2012

Because of Takyi's patience, insight and love, I believe I heard a word from God.  This word came in one of my premarital sessions; God me how He can speak to me directly on issues that I pray to Him about and He showed me how I don't need my husband-to-be to communicate everything, He can reveal all things so long as I seek Him.  This revelation came during the third to last session of premarital counseling and what better time!  I now feel I have the tools I need to practice at home!  We are on our way to a lasting marriage so long as we keep God at the center and so long as I keep seeking God first.

September, 2012

I want to tell the people about God and how He used this ministry to set me free from all the lies. He is love and He has a plan, a better plan for our life than we can see with our eyes. I feel set free and I praise Him for who He is. Listen to the full audio testimony below.

June, 2012

Lindsay is the best therapist I have ever had, because Jesus is the best therapist. Lindsay has been able to clear my communication channels with Jesus better than anybody else, and helped me rely on Jesus for healing and support.

Reinhard C
January, 2012

When I first started counseling, I felt hopeless and extremely sad.  Lindsay helped change all of this.  I really enjoyed and benefited from Lindsay leading us in prayer before and after each counseling session. This really helped bring me peace and hope. Lindsay's use of Christian principles and various therapeutic techniques helped address the issues head on. Her gentle spirit, amazing listening skills, and encouragement is what I needed. Bless you Lindsay

January, 2012

I have never received biblical counseling before but I am so thankful for the staff at Trinity for making me feel welcome, at ease and very comfortable. I would consider the counseling received at Trinity comparable to an intimate Bible Study.  I am very grateful for this place, and for the people who work here.

Leana D.
June, 2011

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Here is my statement of gratitude, " I was very apprehensive about beginning counseling due to prior experiences and simply feeling like it was a waste of time if I was not ready to be honest, transparent,  and to receive help from the Holy Spirit. However, I was blessed beyond measure with an opportunity to work with Dr. Malcolm and have found help, hope, and restoration beyond would I could comprehend. I never thought that I would look forward to a weekly counseling session but find myself anticipating what God has in store each week. The greatest gift for me through counseling has been the reduction of all the static noise that surrounds us, particularly when we are in a tremendous struggle (dark places); I have found that through meeting with Dr. Malcolm that my loving Heavenly Father has something great in store for me each week. I am able to share from my heart without reservation; the need to speak to others about what I am going through is obsolete and God is able to do the work necessary to get me to the next level." I cannot "thank" Dr. Craig and Dr. Malcolm enough for their obedience to their call and Trinity Counseling Center for being an oasis in the midst of my dry places."

Love, Andrea
May 12, 2011

I was feeling desperate and as if my life had hit rock bottom, I called my job's HMO to see if  I could attend a Christian counseling agency for therapy. Broken and confused, my therapist at Trinity, put me at ease by opening with prayer. The healing began instantly because God opened my eyes to a part of me that was dark for so long. Depression was my diagnosis; I was full of guilt and shame from my past. God told me how valuable I was and how my life would be a testimony to many. Little by little I am becoming more able to come before Him unashamed. Thanks Trinity for the wonderful things you've done in my life. I will never be the same again.

April 8, 2011

Lindsay opened our eyes to a deeper power in the Lord and taught us how to renounce the devil's lies that have been plaguing us for so long. Since renouncing those lies, we have experienced a closer oneness with God and each other.

T&A P.
February, 2011

Though I wasn't sure about counseling at the start, I feel that God blessed my step of faith in seeking counseling with unexpected tools for my emotional and relational life. Thank you Trinity Counseling Center for providing me with counseling that I could afford and that would really help.

July 15, 2010

My son wrote an essay about a person who gives you most influence in your life. He wrote Dr. Craig about how she brought him to God through God's word and prayer. I think what Trinity Counseling Center does is not only counseling but also serving the Lord in His love. I, therefore, strongly recommend TCC to my neighbors, my church members and one who needs this kind of service.

P. Sze
January 2, 2010

Prior to knowing Jesus as my personal Savior, I lived life in a state of perpetual fear. Fear of abuse, of not knowing what was going to happen or where I was going to end up from day to day. I had lived on the streets and been in and out of psychiatric hospitals. I believed I was bad and unclean from the inside out, and no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to effect any kind of lasting change. I had no future. I had no hope. I believed death was imminent. However, Jesus had other plans. He used Trinity Counseling Center to literally help save my life. When I came to TCC I was a mess. I didn't just come with problems, I was a problem. Despite the extremes of my situation, the help I received was unconditional. Along with the skill and professionalism of Dr. Claire Craig, I learned to receive the love and care of God. Today I have hope. thank my God and Trinity Counseling Center for extending the healing power...

Sincerely, Catherine H.
May 18, 2005