Our Counseling Approach

Individual, Family & Couples Counseling San Leandro

All of our therapists are professionally trained at the graduate level of various universities in clinical psychology and, at the same time, love the Lord. Therefore, from the overflow of His presence, people are healed. All the tools of secular psychotherapy are employed along with the added benefit of God's healing presence.

We at Trinity Counseling Center believe that Jesus will mend the hearts and lives of everyone who sincerely and honestly seeks Him. God has no favorites, and wants to see all of us healed.

Our desire at Trinity Counseling is to promote emotional and spiritual healing in people suffering from overwhelming fears, uncontrollable anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, distress, dissociation, psychosis, identity issues, as well as many other problems.

Group Counseling Sessions

Private Counseling Sessions

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Our marriage and couples counseling helps couples work together to resolve issues affecting their relationships with one another.

Pre-Marital / Pre-Marriage Counseling

We help couples gain a more realistic understanding of marriage, understand their relationships with one another and with God, improve communication, and solve problems.

Relationship Development Counseling

Whether an individual is considering breaking up or wants to prepare for the next relationship, we help our clients understand themselves and their roles in previous or current relationships as well as grow, learn, and prepare themselves for healthier relationships.

Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity counseling often involves recovering from an affair as well as solving marital issues that may have occurred before a partner has been unfaithful.

Family Counseling

We use a variety of age-appropriate techniques such as games and role play to help children express themselves in a healthier manner. We also educate parents, helping them to better understand and communicate with their children.

Anger Management Counseling - Impulse Control

Trinity Counseling helps clients understand themselves better along with the underlying causes of angry or impulsive outbursts.

Depression & Anxiety Counseling

Trinity Counseling provides a safe, God-centered counseling environment where we help clients explore the possible triggers such as traumatic or suppressed childhood memories.

Trauma & Abuse Counseling

We provide a safe, healthy, environment to explore traumatic memories in a guided, progressive way. Various techniques may be used including cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitization to help clients resolve their symptoms in a healthy manner.

Inner Healing

The goal of inner healing counseling is to heal beliefs that may have been skewed by traumatic events and build a closer relationship with God.

Self Esteem Counseling

Using a healthy, adaptive approach, Trinity Counseling helps clients understand the causes of their self esteem issues, how self esteem relates to current experiences such as at work or in relationships, and begin to see themselves in a more positive way.

Grief & Loss Counseling

Whether grieving the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or even a pet, Trinity Counseling helps clients work through the grieving process.

Sexual Identity Counseling

Trinity Counseling helps gay and lesbian clients accept themselves for who they are both as Christians and as individuals.

Spiritual Counseling

Using the Bible and probing counseling techniques, we help clients get a more accurate view of their lives and experiences and ultimately build stronger relationships with God.

Sex Addiction Counseling

Sex addition counseling explores relationships, self beliefs, and traumatic memories in a safe, non-judgmental counseling environment.

Forgiveness Counseling

We help clients to understand what forgiveness is and what it isn't. Forgiveness can bring emotional relief as well as alleviate physical or health issues associated with holding onto anger.

Food Addiction Counseling

Food addiction counseling explores the underlying reasons that clients seek comfort through food.

Mental Health Counseling - Dissociative Identity Disorder

With God's help and established psychotherapy techniques, Trinity Counseling helps those with serious mental health conditions discover the root cause and begin on the path to recovery.

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